A Biblical View of America's Issues for KIDS

Free Speech


What do you like to talk about?

Do you know people who sometimes don't agree with you?

What if they tried to stop you from talking?


In America, the government cannot make laws

to stop you from saying what you want to say.

Our constitution protects our right to free speech.


But remember, the Bible tells us we should always

speak gracious words!


We should love and pray for those who speak against us!


Sticks and Stones

Learn not to let other people's words bother you!

Dave, Bill and Freedom of Speech

Dave and Bill both learn about what free speech means

1-Peter and John Arrested

They were arrested for preaching about Jesus!

2-Peter and John's Trial

They continued to talk about Jesus, like God told them to, even if it caused trouble for them!

Love Your Enemies

Jesus taught to love everyone, even your enemies who are insulting you!

All Scripture is taken from the New American Standard Bible (NASB) unless otherwise noted.

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