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Guns: A Right to Bear Arms


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Biblical View


God is called The Lord of Hosts. He instructed His people to fight for the land He promised them. There is a time to fight evil so good can remain. There is a time to defend the innocent and protect those who cannot protect themselves.


Blog: The Canaan Wars

by Rose Murdock

The Second Amendment


"The Second Amendment to the Constitution, a protection of the ownership of firearms, has become the source of heated controversy in recent years. Learn about the Founders' views on this important freedom and their solutions for averting the plague of violence that has disrupted communications. 84 pages."


Purchase the book from Wallbuilders here.

Article: 2nd Amendment: Original Meaning and Purpose

by the Tenth Amendment Center

Read the original meaning and purpose of the Second Amendment from the tenth amendment center.

All Scripture is taken from the New American Standard Bible (NASB) unless otherwise noted.

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