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Biblical View


In the Bible, we see God instructing His people to give to the poor, who were often poor because of some type of sickness or deformity. Of course, His remedy for sickness is sometimes supernatural / miraculous, and sometimes through natural means of proper diet and lifestyle--remaining healthy through following His Word. Of course there were doctors in the Bible who treated people as well as miraculous healings.


Unfortunately in America, health care has gotten progressively more and more under the control of the government, and out of the hands of physicians. Doctors have to answer to insurance companies, and in socialized medicine, which is the direction Obama began to take America, to the government itself. Physicans are also businessmen and should be allowed to practice freely with limited restrictions.


Article: The Health Care Law: A Historic Mistake

by Matthew Staver / Liberty Counsel


Article: From Health Care to Holocaust

50 Days of Healing Journal

by Rose Murdock


Newly Revised! 50 Days of Healing is a journey through the Bible to look at 50 Scriptures regarding healing. We begin in the Old Testament to see what the Lord said and did regarding the healing of His people--when it was provided and when it wasn't. Then we move on to the New Testament where we see the Gospel of Jesus Christ accompanied by healings, and the message those healing brought in light of what was learned under the Old Covenant. Use this booklet to meditate on the Word concerning God's will for your healing. 109 pages. The recent revision includes a "points to ponder" page for each day so you can more easily meditate on the highlights of the day, as well as room to journal your thoughts!


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All Scripture is taken from the New American Standard Bible (NASB) unless otherwise noted.

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