A Biblical View of America's Issues for KIDS

God called Abraham and Sarah to go to a new land, and promised that his children would become a great nation!



After Adam and Eve, and Noah, came a man call Abram (or Abraham). God called Abraham to start a new nation, and showed him the land where the people of this nation were to live. This nation is called Israel. The people are called Israelites, Hebrew, or Jewish. Jesus' mother Mary was Jewish. Jesus' disciples were Jewish.


Some of the Jewish people, like Jesus' disciples,  believed that Jesus was God's son who came to die for our sins, and they started the Christian faith. Others who weren't Jewish also believed in Jesus and became Christians too.


Even though some of the Jewish people did not believe in Jesus, God still loves them and wants them to believe. He wants the Jewish people (and all people) to know how much He loves them. God promised Abraham that everyone who blesses him, (and Israel), will be blessed.


Why the Jewish people celebrate it

Watch this story of the Old Testament and the  history of Israel in only 5 minutes!

Both Christians and Jews share the same history of the Old Testament!


  There are Jewish holidays and celebrations that 
  Christians can also recognize, such as Purim and
  the seven feasts.

Follow these whiteboard stories for more on the history of Israel from the bible

#2 A review of the time period from creation through the birth of Jacob, and the birth of the nation of Israel.

#3 The new nation of Israel begins its journey to the Promised Land.

#4 After entering the new land, God placed judges to guide the people in living according to the law He gave Moses.

#5 Israel wanted to have a king like the nations around them. This wasn't God's best plan for them, but he allowed it. David was the second king, and called "a man after God's own heart."

#7 The people kept disobeying God. God used prophets to speak to the people and warn them of the dangers of breaking His law and commands.

#8 The people still kept turning away from God. Because of this, they were captured. They had to leave their land.

#10 The second temple was built. Nehemiah rebuilt the wall around Jerusalem.

#11 Jesus comes and breaks the 400 years of silence from God. He will show how everyone can live as God intended all along.

More of these whiteboard stories:


#1 Creation

#9 Wisdom Books

#12 The Gospels

#13 The Birth and Death of Jesus

All Scripture is taken from the New American Standard Bible (NASB) unless otherwise noted.

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