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Biblical View


God designed the highest authority on earth to be as small and local as you can get--the family. Not just any family, but a family who is submitted to the authority of His Word. America's forefathers and founding fathers knew this. They knew the Word of God is the only solid foundation a government can be built upon. Without the one true God as the ruling authority, this world governing facade will crumble. One day the Lord Himself will return to the earth and conquer, once and for all, those who will wage war against Him. Globalism is a threat to America and the Christian church because it prohibits freedom of religion and freedom of livelihood--obeying God with the gifts He's entrusted to us.


Behind this global "unity" is a spirit of control which works with a spirit of irresponsibility. Like Ahab and Jezebel, one feeds off the other. Those who don't want to make choices or be responsible for themselves and their actions  (Ahab) willingly yield to those who want to take control (Jezebel). This is why a large welfare state paves the way for this kind of government. Teaching children that the "government knows best, will take care of you, and make everything easy" also allows for an easy takeover of a society. Remember the Lord opposed the tower of babel. A socialist state is contrary to the ways of the kingdom of God. He has entrusted each one of us with gifts that we are responsible for, and will one day stand before Him and give an account of. (Matthew 25:14-30). A government that does not allow it's people to pursue the development of their God-given gifts, and choose their livelihood, is one that opposes the ways of the Lord.


Currently, there is an alliance of globalists, socialists and Islamic leaders who oppose Christianity and the American way of living. This is not to say that countries should be isolated from one another--nations must communicate, travel, and trade with each other to some extent. However plans for a one world government, economy, and religion, which is presented as a solution for world peace, will fail because this type of "unity" without the Lord's rule, can only be accomplished through force, as it takes away our most basic God-given right---free will.


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All Scripture is taken from the New American Standard Bible (NASB) unless otherwise noted.

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